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What People In The Real World Are Saying About ATI Instruction

Attendee Quotes from ATI Course Evaluations

  • "The course was fantastic! In my 30 years of experience, I have taken many courses and this, by far, is the best." Earth Station Design
      Brett, Honeywell"

  • "Very technical with many exaples. The examples and demos are a tremendous help." Introduction to EMI/EMC
      Remash, Honeywell"

  • "The combination of the scope & depth of this course is beyond my expectation. I have much better understanding of a space system after taking this course." Space Systems Fundamentals
      Chalres, Canadian Space Agency"

  • "Great instructor and comprehensive approach. I was really impressed with the course overall." Satellite Communications course — an Essential Introduction
      Todd, Orbital Science Corp"

  • "It was as good as it could be. Very informative course that covered lots of topics that I didn't know anything about. I really liked all the graphs, pictures and charts. They will be a useful reference." Fundamentals Of Orbital & Launch Mechanics
      Dana, US Military"

  • "Absolutely a great course for a review of systems considerations in spacecraft design/development. I thought it was a great course. The course topics were interesting and relevant, and I felt that the focus on systems engineering was great. Knowledge and style of the instructors were excellent. Thanks." Satellite Design & Technology
      Joseph, Lockheed Martin"

  • "Great overview content. Very comprehensive. I liked the tie into existing navigation systems and foreign navigation systems." GPS Technology
      Steve, NAVAIR"

  • "Instructors were very knowledgeable. Course is relevant to the needs of managers. Good and current resources. Data rich." Acoustics for Biologists and Conservation Managers
      Vicki, Marine Mammal Commission (MMC)"

  • "Josh and I would again like to thank you for your efforts in presenting a very enlightening training course this week. We both feel much more in tune with the overall satellite end to end link design philosophy. The time spent on modems, bandwidth, and budgeting well have a direct impact on our day to day job performance which should translate in to increased Customer sales." Satellite Communications Systems Engineering
      Richard, Microwave Photonic Systems, Inc."

  • "Outstanding course that gave a great overview of Satellite Communication Systems. It was wonderful to have a true expert with decades of experience present at this course." Satellite Communications- An Essential Introduction
      Robert, NSA"

  • "Very good training. I've been working with satellites all my career. It is great to know more than on/off. The instructor was very knowledgeable and answered every question asked" Satellite Communications- An Essential Introduction
      Ron, US JFCOM"

  • "Good basic understanding of radar and components; how components work to operate radar; brief intro to types of radar and function." Fundamentals Of Radar Technology

  • "Tom is awesome. He is entertaining, knowledgable and the material is presented in a way that it is easy to grasp the concepts. Enjoyed calculations, visuals and book Tom gave us." Fundamentals Of Orbital & Launch Mechanics
      Chaz, NASA

  • "The course is very technically oriented with adequate number of derivations and still provides relevant industry related examples and implementation of the information presented. " Satellite Communications Systems Engineering
      Gaurav, L-3

  • "The very numerous comparisons if simulation results and experimental data us an essential part of this course which conveys both a quantitative as well as qualitative understanding of detonations, their interactions with other elements and materials of a simulation code needed to reasonably simulate them, Continue to enhance this aspect if the course whenever possible. " Explosives Technology & Modeling
      Tom, Sandia

  • "Overall this was a very informative course. Awesome technical info regarding space environment. This will truly help me with understanding the implications for spacecraft design. " Space Environment
      Gary, Marshall Space Flight Center

  • "Great information in this scientific area! The instructor was very informative and clear. Also kept interest of the group througout." Signal & Image Processing And Analysis For Scientists And Engineers
      Anthony, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

  • "Very comprehensive overview of subject matter. I feel that the course and reference material have provided me with the tools I need to better specify, analyze, and develop SatCom systems in my job." Satellite Communications Design and Engineering
      Daniel, DTAO

  • "Instructor’s knowledge was excellent on tactical missiles and presentation style was good. Real life examples of material taught were wonderful." Missile System Integration Overview
      Andrew, Lockheed Martin

  • “Excellent class management skills! Thanks for adding stories to keep our attention and for allowing questions even though we got behind. Very pleased with what I learned about the exam, INCOSE and CSEP Certification. Very worth my time and the costs.” CSEP Exam Preparation
      Kristel, Booz Allen Hamilton

  • “I really enjoyed the instructors perspective. It helped to scope out for far beyond what the goals of the course had defined.” CSEP Exam Preparation
      Kathy, NOSSA

  • “I liked the discussion on transforming OVS into SVS. Philosophy of the OVS was well and clearly explained. I really appreciated how the instructor brought practical experiences in to better clarity. I liked very much the “big picture” understanding of the “whats”, “whys” and motivations behind DODAF views. The rationale for having the different views is much clearer now.” Architecting with DODAF
      Peter, John Hopkins University, Applied Physics Lab

  • “Wide range of coverage from theory to practice to manufacturing. Great presentation, good interaction and willingness to answer questions.” Introduction to RF technology
      Kyle, Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Lab

  • “The course provided a solid understanding of T&E processes. The instructor has a very impressive knowledge of the subject with relevant examples. Enjoyed the interaction with the instructor!” Test Design & Analysis
      Dave, Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Lab

  • “Your course was an outstanding one and I really enjoyed it and learned much. Mr. Grady is an outstanding instructor with many years of experience. I learned more than I could even say! Hope to have this instructor again in other courses.” Systems Engineering-Fundamentals
      Bob, Sandia National Laboratories

  • “Very knowledgeable instructor, great material. The presentation was awesome, style was upbeat and one could tell that Mr. Hill was excited about the subject.” Fundamentals Of Radar Technology
      Craig, US Air Force

  • “Immediately applicable material with plenty of MATLAB examples. Superb presentation. Overall, best course I have attended!” Advanced Topics In Digital Signal Processing
      Dave, Grintek

  • “The course gave a good general background on antennas. It also touched on a few more specific subjects that I did not expect but directly related to my work. Instructor was very knowledgeable and was helpful in answering questions. His sample antennas and demos were useful.” Antenna & Array Fundamentals
      Matthew, SAIC

  • “Lot of material covered. Focuses on the needs of students. Instructor was extremely knowledgeable and attentive to each student’s needs and background. Very approachable." Acoustics Fundamentals, Measurements & Application
      Kathleen, NUWC

  • “The course thoroughly covered all of the aspects of attitude determination and control. References were provided after each section for further study. The instructor has complete mastery of the material and good presentation skills.” Attitude Determination & Control
      Edward, DoD

  • “The level of the course was at the appropriate level of complexity for a non technical audience. Excellent instructor. Was able to put complex topics in simple terms.” Satellite Communication - An Essential Introduction
      Karl, US Joint Forces

  • “Very experienced instructors who have the strength of bringing the material to a comprehensive level! 3 very different styles of presentation but great to listen to. Impressive!” Space Based Radar
      Martin, Canadian Space Agency

  • “The course is very thorough and contains a wealth of information. The instructor’s knowledge is superb and what is good is that he also gives his personal experiences in the field” GPS Technology
      Muya, Industry Canada
  • "I would like to thank you for excellent course you offered. I really learned a lot and enjoyed the class. I will recommend the class to anyone who might be interested in the subject. The instructor is excellent." Modern Missile Analysis course
      Yoshi Nakai, Deputy Program Manager, Boeing

  • "Instructor had extensive base of knowledge and experience with real world problems. Excellent presentation style and engaging teacher." Practical Statistical Signal Processing using MATLAB
      Grant de Goede, Sonatech

  • "The instructor's knowledge of the subject was excellent. His presentation kept the students interested and he allowed for interaction." Underwater Acoustic Modeling & Simulation
      Susan West, Naval Undersea Warfare Center

  • "The strength of this course is the experience level of the instructors." Undersea Warfare- Advanced
      Galen Newling, Naval Undersea Warfare Center

  • "The course had a wide range of good and useful information, plus the notes will be very helpful for future reference." Satellite Communications Design and Engineering
      Christine Rogers, NRL

  • "Good depth and breadth of information. Knowledgeable instructor. All important aspects of system engineering discipline covered. Affordable." Total Systems Engineering Development & Management
      Kia Arab, Space Telescope Science Institute

  • "Relevant material. Well presented. Instructor is excellent communicator and open to questions." Multi-Target Tracking and Multi-Sensor Data Fusion
      Tom Lang, G.D. Canada

  • "Excellent, rigorous course covering the details of the classical mechanics of missile flight, sensors and guidance and other current techniques." Modern Missile Analysis
      John Croce, Utah State University

  • "The instructor is a very knowledgeable speaker. I am a navigator for the Air Force and use the equipment for test and general navigation. The background and insight will make me a more informed user." GPS Technology - Solutions for Earth & Space
      Jeff Powell, Edwards Air Force Base

  • "Excellent qualifications and professional background. Excellent presentation skills. Holds the attention of the students. I have already passed on the word to my management and training coordinator." Fundamentals of Orbital & Launch Mechanics
      Thomas Tyczkowsky, Lockheed Martin

  • "The best style of any technical instructor that I’ve ever seen. I believe Mr. Logsdon breathes, eats, and sleeps this subject. His enthusiasm is contagious!" Fundamentals of Orbital & Launch Mechanics
      Cristina Guidi, Kennedy Space Center

  • "Dr. Nelson is obviously a leader in his field and has a broad range of both practical and technical knowledge." Satellite Communications Design and Engineering
      Titan for NAVAIR

  • "Outstanding! Burt Liebowitz is obviously talking from experience!" IP Networking Over Satellite
      Dennis D., Stratos

  • "Three days of extensive radar fundamentals!" Fundamentals of Radar Technology
      David T.

  • "It really helped when we applied the course objectives to our personal project." Risk Assessment for Space Flight
      Gordon R., Sandia

  • "Both instructors were responsive to class questions." Satellite RF Communications & Onboard Processing

  • "All instructors had extensive real world experience and knowledge on their subjects." Space Systems - Intermediate Design
      Goddard Space Flight Center

  • "The course presented a good mix of theoretical RF fundamentals, practical design rules and suggestions that I can use immediately to improve my designs." Microwave & RF Circuit Design & Analysis
      Carl M., NASA Glenn Research Center