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ATI cordially invites you to send us your comments and suggestions. You can use the form below or call us. Complete this form  to sign up for free e-mail updates of new courses, dates and locations before they appear in our catalog. Or request free printed brochures on space, sonar and radar.

Open-Enrollment and On-Site Courses

Contact us for pricing and course registration at:

(410) 956-8805

(888) 501-2100


Contact us for pricing and course registration at:

+1 718 578 2098

+44 203 2907257

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Contact us at:

Applied Technology Institute, LLC (

349 Berkshire Drive

Riva, Md 21140 USA

(410) 956-8805

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We appreciate your feedback! If you have ideas for courses that ATIcourses could offer, please contact Jim Jenkins using the contact information below.

In addition we welcome the opportunity to customize any of our current courses to meet your needs and to bring them onsite to your facility, or to offer them as a public course in your geographic area. Please call or email us with your recommendations and suggestions, or to obtain more information.

We Welcome New Instructors

At ATI Courses we are always looking for high quality instructors for the variety of courses we offer. Typically our instructors have more than 15 years of practical industry experience and are experts in the field. If you are interested in teaching for ATIcourses, please contact Jim Jenkins at: or call us at 410-956-8805, toll free at 1-888-501-2100, by fax at 410-956-5785. ATI headquarters are located at 349 Berkshire Drive, Riva, MD 21140.

A Little Bit About Us

The Applied Technology Institute was founded in Clarksville, Md., in 1984. ATI has become a leader in the development, presentation and customization of leading-edge space and defense courses to meet the needs of DOD and NASA, science and industry. ATI's instructors are world class experts, of whom 25 are authors of leading textbooks. ATI training provides concise, practical answers that are needed to advance your career. About Applied Technology Institute

ATI Staff Directory:

James L. Jenkins James W. Jenkins is the founder and executive director of ATI. He maintains close contact with the classes and training personnel to ensure that you the client are completely satisfied. Mr. Jenkins continues to teach several classes and attends the majority of public seminars in order to maintain the high standard of excellence for which ATI is known. He has been organizing and presenting professional development training programs since 1977. He is a senior physicist with degrees from Gettysburg College (physics and mathematics) and the University of Wisconsin (physics).
Please feel free to call him to personally discuss your requirements and objectives. Mr. Jenkins will be glad to explain in detail what ATI can do for you, what it will cost, and what you can expect in results and future performance.

Director of Worldwide Marketing and Business Development
Francesco Paolo Zamboni Francesco Paolo Zamboni Developing an international division of ATI with a presence in the Veneto region of Italy. Identifying new business opportunities overseas and marketing ATI to a worldwide audience.

Our goal is to develop on-site courses that are very client-specific and tailored to the clients' requirements. Your organization's needs, requirements and questions will be identified, and the instructor comes prepared to provide a comprehensive solution for your facility. We also will be offering customized courses at our office/facility near Venice, Italy.

Open Enrollment Training & Development Coordinator
Lisa Badart Lisa Badart

On Site Training & Development Coordinator/Web Admininstrator
Valentina Travers Valentina